Mille miglia: a way of living
Mille miglia: a way of living

Mille Miglia mixes history with innovation and vibrant colors in this amazing fusion of creativity, elegance, stunning surroundings, and the Italian way of life.

Participation is limited to automobiles manufactured no later than 1957, which, together with the historical terrain of Italy, transports the still-dreaming guests back in time in the twinkling of an eye.

Starting in Brescia, driving through some of Italy's most renowned cities and hamlets, discovering the charm of secret nooks while experiencing the one-of-a-kind experience that this race has to offer.

A must-do for automotive and Italy enthusiasts.

1000 Miglia | When it was founded?

The car race was staged for the first time in 1927, departing from the city of Brescia, and was held for a total of 24 years until 1957.

The long-awaited Mille Miglia event reappeared in 1977, but it had evolved into a procession of vintage automobiles that had passed the certifying body's stringent regularity tests, traveling half the length of the nation to the capital and back to Brescia.

1000 Miglia | Amazing route through Italy with vintage cars

A chance for the public to observe these wonderful vehicles being driven, as well as for the drivers – and their entourage – to travel the nearly 1,600 km of the route through art heritage towns and breath-taking landscapes in a splendid blend of history, sport, and culture.

Our country's magnificent towns and landscapes are not only for individuals who are present to appreciate, but also for others around the world who are viewing footage of the event that are widely available on internet.

1000 Miglia | The race that has caught the interest of VIPs

It's a world-class event, with competitors from all over the world: the bassist of the rock band "Coldplay," Guy Berriman, the Dutch prince Van Oranje, the Italian singer Piero Pelù, and former rally driver champion Walter Rohrl were among the well-known names in 2018.

The race provides an opportunity to meet people from many nations and cultures while also presenting the grandeur of our land — an event packed with adrenaline, history, and joy.