The 500 FIAT
The 500 FIAT

The FIAT 500 was introduced in Turin on July 4th in 1957, sixty five years ago.

It is still one of the most popular automobiles in the world today, thanks to its distinctive compact profile, affordable pricing, and fuel efficiency.

In fact, on that day, the New Fiat 500 was unveiled, a small car that represented one of the Turin-based company's greatest and longest-lasting commercial successes, and which, along with its older sister 600 (launched in 1955), contributed significantly to our country's mass motorization, a phenomenon that coincided with the years of economic boom.

The 1957 FIAT 500 is now considered a vintage piece, with prices rising among collectors.

New 500 FIAT | Sixty five years later

The current FIAT 500 that we see on the road today is the result of FIAT's 2007 redesign of their classic vehicle. The body now has a sleeker, more aerodynamic shape from the outside. The dashboard has an interior that looks like a 1960s radio, and it was inspired by a vintage moped for its shape and soft color scheme and modern safety features are also included in the new 500 Fiat.

New release of 500 Fiat | New design | Brand

FIAT made the decision to honor its 1957 FIAT 500 Nuova in 2014. The "FIAT 500 1957 Edition" was created as a result.

The car's exterior is decorated with FIAT insignia that harken back to the year 1957, vintage-inspired wheels, and your choice of one of four vintage hues. The inside of the 1957 Edition has an earth-toned Beats Audio Premium Audio SystemTM and leather-trimmed seats.