The Pizza Margherita
The Pizza Margherita

Pizza is the most beloved and most widespread Italian culinary creation.

The legend of Pizza Margherita | Naples

Queen Margherita decided it was time to try the Neapolitans' favourite dish: pizza.

So they decided to have someone come to the palace and cook for them. Raffaele Esposito was the "pizzajuolo" invited to the palace by the Savoy monarchs.

He went to the palace with his wife and cooked his pizzas in the old Capodimonte oven. The first was with oil, cheese, and basil; the second with cecenielli; and the third with tomato sauce and mozzarella, with which Maria Giovanna decided to add fresh basil leaves.

She was especially pleased with the last one. So, after tasting it, she asked the pizza maker what's the name of this pizza. And it was named "Margherita" by Esposito, who had a brilliant idea.

Pizza Margherita | Unesco Intagible cultural heritage

In 2017 the art of Neapolitan pizza-making was honoured with intangible cultural heritage status by Unesco.

UNESCO recognition is not only a source of pride, but it also provides an official and global celebration of the values of the Mediterranean diet.

Pizza | Variations | North and South of Italy

Northern and southern Italian pizza differ significantly. While southern pizza has a soft, pliable crust, northern pizza crust is thin and crisp. Pizza is generally sold whole in Italy, particularly in the south, Rome and Sicily, pizza al taglio ("by the cut") are popular, baked in a sheet pan with a variety of toppings and sold cut in long rectangles.