Truffles, these rare delicacies, have been cherished for centuries for their exceptional taste and aphrodisiac properties. Appreciated by ancient Romans and even the Egyptian pharaohs, these knobby-shaped wonders have retained their original meaning and continue to inspire refined and tasty recipes.

Curiosities and anecdotes about truffles: myths and legends The origin of the truffle today among the Greeks

Legend has it that the truffle came into being through a powerful fusion of water, earth, and lightning. According to Greek mythology, this precious delicacy was born from a thunderbolt that missed its intended target and hit the ground. This story reminds us that even accidents can lead to something truly extraordinary.

The Scent of Truffles and forbidden love | The Love between a Princess and a Shepherd

It is a touching story associated with the aroma of truffles that speaks of a forbidden love between a princess and a shepherd. To keep their love a secret, the princess would cover herself with truffle perfume when she met the shepherd. The scent of the truffle became a symbol of their hidden affection. It's a reminder that love can find a way to flourish even in the most challenging circumstances.

Truffle hunting and its protagonists | Truffle hunters

One of the most curious facts concerns truffle hunting. This practice is made possible with the help of specially trained dogs, called 'truffle hunters', who can pick out the precious truffle mushrooms underground with a keen sense of smell.


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