Legends and curiosities surround Trulli, the unique and fascinating structures that have captured the imagination of many. And why not? The mystery and charm of these buildings are undeniable, making them an inspiration for all those who seek to find wonder and beauty in the world around them.

The term 'trullo' has a rich history that dates back to ancient Greece. Its origins are shrouded in mystery with varying explanations. However, what is clear is that this word has endured and continues to inspire curiosity and fascination in the people.

What are the historical origins of this village and the construction of the Trulli? In the 14th century, the Count of Aragon faced a daunting challenge. But instead of giving up, he used his determination and creativity to find a way to overcome it. By ordering the construction of houses using dry stone only, he bypassed the edict on taxation. With the help of Trullo's masters, they were able to achieve this seemingly impossible task.

The meaning of the symbols on the Trulli between mith and history | Alberobello | Apulia

For generations, scholars have been captivated by Trulli due to their elaborate symbolism and attractive conical roofs. These symbols range from ancient numerical and animal symbols to magical symbols rooted in astrology and celestial cults. These symbols, including Christian emblems, aimed to protect homes and avoid negative influences. Trulli's rich history and supernatural charm inspire amazement and intrigue in everyone who comes into contact with them.


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