tuscan dessert:cantucci and vinsanto
tuscan dessert: cantucci and vinsanto

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What to try during your stay in Tuscany

Tuscany offers a strong culinary tradition with simple recipes and authentic flavors with many specialties that vary from one area to another: in fact, every corner of Tuscany is full of surprises when it comes to food!

Bistecca alla Fiorentina | a symbol of Tuscan cuisine

The symbol of Tuscan cuisine par excellence is bistecca alla Fiorentina, an appetizing steak of veal, grilled or roasted, preferably from the Chianina breed of cattle from the Val di Chiana.

Instead, peposo dell'Impruneta is another characteristic Florentine dish, a beef stew cooked for a long time with Chianti wine and seasoned with pepper.

Fish lovers, on the other hand, will appreciate cacciucco, a traditional dish from the coast between Livorno and Viareggio: it is a soup made with various types of fish, crustaceans and molluscs, prepared with tomato sauce and served on toasted slices of bread.

Cantucci and Vinsanto | the perfect end to a Tuscan meal

The perfect end to a typical Tuscan meal is one of the region's many desserts: for example, the classic "cantucci", almond biscuits dipped in "Vin Santo", a local fortified wine.

The legend tells of a Franciscan friar who, in a desperate attempt to save the lives of Sienese who were stricken by the plague, gave them the wine used in the celebration of Mass. Of course, the sick were not cured as if by magic, but even a single sip could bring a pleasant feeling of relief, so that the spread of the practice and the positive reactions of the dying were accompanied by the belief that this wine contained miraculous properties; thus it happened that this Mass wine became the famous "Vinsanto".